About Us

We are a family owned business that has been serving the Orange, California area for over 50 years. Our business began when my dad retired from the military and my mom decided to open a fabric store because she loved to sew!

At the time, I was 6 years old and loved spending my free time at the store. Later, at the age of eighteen, I officially became a Fabric Land employee, working off and on, until my mom retired at 80 years old. The fabric business then became my new venture and the family legacy continues to this day...I even have my granddaughter working for us part-time.

At Fabric Land, our mission is to provide high quality fabrics and personalized service to our customers. We thoroughly enjoy working with visitors and loyal customers alike, and they have become part of our special Fabric Land  family.  We love to see the satisfaction our customers enjoy when they create wonderful sewing projects, many of whom have taken sewing classes from us (or their kids have) and are creating wonderful new items all the time.

~ Mary Lundstrom